SFW 13 Fashion Designers

Dar Breesam

Dar Breesam

Amina Aljassim belongs to that band of designers that has steadily climbed the ladder of success with hard work and a disciplined business sense. She is now one of the Arab ace designers with a regional fame..

Amina Aljassim? began her career by designing in 1984 for her retail outlet Dar Breesam which made a remarkable brand in the region.

Amina Aljassim has mixed her colors creating a very glamorous yet feminine look. Her collection is based on her research of a fusion between past and present, an effort to achieve a new equilibrium between old and new, art and technology, simple clean looks and asymmetric layers.

Amina Al Jassim will be showcasing her collection with the elements of luxury, glamour, texture and colour at the Saverah Fashion Weekend.